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The official Wiki page following the characters, and the story and events that unfold in The Road To Idylland.

This wiki was created to help tell a more detailed account of the story and provide extra exerts of information into the perceptions of the reader.

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I started working on 'The Road To Idylland' in January 2014 and have been adding to it ever since. I am a 22 year old male, living in England, around the locations where the story is set. I am studying to become a full time nurse at present, and writing tales of fiction has only been a hobby of mine throughout my life. I am well aware that I am not an author so my writing may not be the best but I have enjoyed writing it all the same.

The reason that I state this is that whilst I really enjoy writing this novel, I understand that some may find the quality of writing somewhat lacking, even though I strive to better the story and tell that best tale that I can as I go along. I have only written this for my own enjoyment in the past but I have reached a stage where I believe that reading this may give some joy to another individual so I wanted to share the story and gain feedback upon it; such as where I can improve as a writer or maybe where the story could be improved upon itself.

This is a story based in a universe similar to the one created by Robert Kirkman for his Walking Dead franchise with original characters and settings. This is a non-profit fan based story.

I appreciate your time and attention and welcome to The Road To Idylland.

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Story cover

The cottage where the two groups meet for the first time.

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