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The Cottage is a location in The Road To Idylland where the two groups meet for the first time. It is located in Wareham, Dorset. It is the home of Don and Sally, who lived with their daughters Becky and Sarah. It is located in a quiet area of Redcliffe, by a river which leads into a forest. It provides a hidden place to reside in which enough space to house many people in it at one time, at one point being 13 residents. It contains a conservatory, lounge, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and two toilets. There are a total of three bedrooms, with one office room also converted to smaller bedroom. Steve used the couch to sleep on.

Pre-apocalypse Edit

Not much is known about the cottage before the outbreak, although Don and his family used to live here peacefully. Don used to hunt with his rifle in the local area and would sometimes go fishing in the river. Becky and Sally still lived with their parents, despite being encouraged to move out by Don, Sally would always welcome their company and not pressure them to move out. They were a close family, nonetheless.

Post-apocalypse Edit

The Sampson family continued to live here when the virus broke out. They were safe as the cottage was in a very secluded part of Redcliffe and unnoticed by many. Paul found the cottage and was taken in as he had lost his family and they felt need for extra man power around the house. Don originally warmed to Paul but quickly started to pick out his flaws and begin to be annoyed by his presence. Paul always strived to win his affection, however, seeing as he took him in in the first place.

Lily and her parents, Dave and Karen, discovered the cottage around 2 months into the virus outbreak, about 3 months before the DoE group turned up. During the time that they stayed with them, Don and Sally's eldest daughter, Sarah, was bitten by a walker and put down. Soon afterwards, Don, Dave and Paul went fishing and upon their return, discovered bandits attempting to rob the place. They quickly discussed how they would diffuse this situation, as Don wanted to go all guns blazing and take them out quickly whilst Dave wanted to take things slow and as he did not want anyone to be killed. During this debate, Don unexpectedly started firing at the bandits. He was able to kill them all but not before Karen was fatally shot by a bullet.

Dave never forgave Don for this and left with Lily as soon as he could. The bodies of the victims were buried in the garden. Lily returned a few weeks later stating that her father had been bitten. Don let her stay in the cottage after everything that had happened, and Paul suggests that it may be out of guilt for what had happened to her mother.

Georgina and her sister Annie reached the cottage after fleeing the Fox and the Hounds pub.

Residents Edit


















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