Oak Barn
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Oak Barn is a location in The Road To Idylland situated in Dartmoor, Wales. This was the barn where the Duke of Edinburgh groups stayed in in the build up for their gold expedition. It also doubled as a hide out for them to bide their time after the outbreak hit and devise a stratagem in order to travel back to the South of England. It is also where the group heard the first details about the walkers and how to fight them.

Part 1: Downfall Edit

The groups all reside here whilst they are trying to locate the final group. Over time, Mark's patience begins to wilt and has a clash with Ian, who berates him for wanting to leave and calling him a coward. Ian leaves the conversation and tells the group that he Tracey are leaving to try and find the other group and will return. As they are gone, Mark encourages the rest to leave the cottage whilst others disagree, wanting to wait for their lost friends.

Amidst the debate, Frank spots a walker and approaches it to kill it. As he does so, he spots more walkers looming, coming up the hill in vast numbers. The group begin to panic as the remaining van does not have the capacity to hold all of them. As some clamber in, Ian and Tracey return with the other van, allowing them all to get into a vehicle. Mark, in the driving seat of one van, almost refuses Ian entry to the vehicle but eventually lets him inside. Meanwhile, Trish struggles to enter the van due to the locks on the back seat. As she tries the front door, she is bitten fatally by a walker. In a moment of panic, Mark kicks her out of her vehicle and they leave her to be devoured. The two vans drive away, never to return.

Residents Edit














Deaths Edit


Numerous walkers

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